Word DocX Localization


The DocX word processing format is an open XML based format (Office Open XML or OOXML) that is widely supported by text processing tools like OpenOffice or Microsoft Word. Lingohub handles DocX file import and export, so you are able to translate your Microsoft Word documents using Lingohub.

Lingohub ensures continuous translation of DocX files. If you upload a newer version of your document, for example, Lingohub will match this document with prior versions and will maintain already translated texts. This means already translated content won’t be lost when new texts are added or existing texts are modified so translations will stay consistent upon import of newer versions of your DocX file. In addition paragraphs that occur more than once in a document are only imported once, so they do not have to be translated multiple times.


  • All texts from the Main Document, Headers and Footers are considered to contain translatable content. Hence, these texts will be extracted as text segments.

  • A DocX document basically consists of paragraphs and tables which may contain multiple runelements which are mainly used to represent style information. Lingohub attempts to create a single segment for each paragraph and adds special tags to indicate the beginning and the end of a run if necessary.

  • If style information (bold, italic, color, …) is associated with a run the according information is displayed as pop-up for the according run tag

  • Comments added to the document are imported as well and will be represented as custom <comment> tags in the segments, although no translation is required.

  • Lingohub strips spelling and revision information from the imported document and merges the according runs if possible to avoid that the natural flow of text is interrupted.


Example files can be accessed here.


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