IDML Localization


IDML (InDesign Markup Language) is an alternate portable format used by Adobe InDesign. Lingohub handles IDML file import and export, so you are able to translate your InDesign documents using Lingohub.

Lingohub ensures continuous translation of IDML files. If you upload a newer version of your IDML document, for example, Lingohub will match this document with prior versions and will maintain already translated content as long the text segments did not change. This means already translated content won’t be trashed as long as the source text doesn't change. Translations will stay consistent upon import of newer versions of your IDML file.


  • All texts in Story elements are considered to contain translatable content. Hence, these texts will be extracted as text segments.

  • Notes added in InDesign are also represented as Stories inside IDML. LingoHub doesn't consider them as translatable text segments.

  • LingoHub doesn't split Story content as long as possible when importing text segments.

  • Stories will be separated if the character style changes inside of Story content (e.g. font type, font size, bold, …)


Example files can be accessed here.


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